Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who has priority for booking school space?
    The school has first priority for school activities.  When not required, the space is made available to the community.  Priority will be given to existing permit holders.  All new requests will be on a first come first serve basis according to available space.

If the school is required for a school function, an existing permit will be cancelled.  You will be given as much notice as possible.  In emergencies, little or no advance notice may be given.  The board also maintains the right to cancel any permit for any misuse of facility.
Q2: How can I reserve a school facility?
    You are required to complete a Permit Request Form.  Forms are available from the Permits Department, the main office reception desk at the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board or at the school’s front office.  Complete the Application form and mail to 5685 Keaton Crescent Mississauga, Ontario L5R 3H5 or fax to the Permits Department at 905-890-8001:  A minimum of 2 weeks is required to process an application.  A non-refundable Administrative fee must be submitted with the application.
Q3: How much will it cost to have my event at a school?
    Organizations and individuals fall into 2 categories:

  1. Registered Not - for - Profit Groups for recreational programs not sponsored by the Board
  2. Corporate for profit groups, individuals and organizations

The Ministry of Health Promotions has provided funding to the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board to allow discounted fees for registered not-for-profit community groups.

Please see Fee for Use of Schools below. Full payment is required for all permits at the start of the permit.
Q4: Will I need liability insurance?
    You will need to provide proof of liability insurance in the amount of $2 million.  The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board must be added to the policy as an additional insured.  Liability insurance can be purchased through the Permits Department and the cost added to your permit if your group does not already have coverage.
Q5: How can I cancel a permit?
    The Board requires a minimum of 48 hours notice to cancel a permit.  Please contact us as soon as you know your function has been cancelled or rescheduled.
Q6: Who is responsible for location supervision?
    The custodian is responsible for supervision of the school during and after school hours.  You are required to have a group leader on site to comply with the Board’s requirements for the event.  The group leader is responsible for the members of the group and their spectators while in the school building.  If more than one room is required, an adult supervisor is to be assigned to that room.  Adults supervisors are to contact the custodian when they arrive at the school.
Q7: What are the safety procedures?
    You are responsible to review the Board’s fire/emergency plan before holding an activity at a school.  A copy of the fire/emergency plan is available at the school in the custodian’s office.
Q8: What are the parking regulations?
    Fire routes and pedestrian walkways are to be kept clear at all times.  Vehicles can only be parked in parking lots, not on playing fields or grass.  You are responsible for advising participants and spectators that school parking is limited.  The Board is not responsible for any vehicles illegally parked.